Polyurethane and Urethane and Custom Parts Manufacturer

With polyurethane’s high versality, we are experienced in the “art of polyurethane” and are able to create custom polyurethane parts to fit any of your application needs.

Different factors come into play with each application, so it’s important to work with the experts at Novathane to ensure your custom mold product is right for you. We are experienced in a wide range of materials, part sizes and part volumes from a handful to thousands of pieces, yet are nimble enough to build our equipment around a single project if needed.


Custom Plastic Part Manufacturer

 A custom plastic part manufacturer needs capabilities that exceed those of a typical commodity part maker. It needs imagination, a willingness to step beyond everyday answers, and the ability to understand the customer’s needs at a fundamental level and translate them into actionable solutions.

Custom-Made for Custom Parts

Established 30 years ago, custom plastic part manufacturer Novathane started as a problem solver. People would come to us with material issues and Novathane would draw on the organization’s wide levels of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to solve them.

Today, Novathane focuses on polyurethane solutions. As an engineered polymer, polyurethane can assume different hardnesses from very soft to very rigid. For instance, the basic chemistry could be either an ether- or ester-based polymer. Ester-based materials tend to have a higher degree of toughness and are more resilient around chemicals, oils, and fuel. The ether-based product is for more dynamic applications or hydrolytic applications where there’s moisture or water involved.

Extensive Operational Experience

Today’s manufacturing environment has become more complex and solving customer problems can require more than theoretical knowledge. Novathane’s deep operational experience separates us from the competition by enabling our team to identify potential problems in specifications and guide customers to the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Our front-line experience helps us fill in the gaps is a spec that an engineer or purchasing agent may have missed. An example we have run into before includes quotes with tolerances on parts that are unrealistic for urethane or polymer and more appropriate for aluminum or steel.

Catching inconsistencies or issues quickly means we avoid wasted time and money on back-and-forth conversations with a customer.

Covering a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Novathane customers extend over a wide spectrum of industries, from paper and steel mills to automotive players, gambling resorts and amusement parks, but most have specific levels of customization they require. That could involve parts strong enough for hydroforming exhaust systems, for example, or for creating specialized grommets that look ordinary but require special toughness or flexibility to get the job done. That’s when they call Novathane.

The spectrum of products Novathane produces is broad and volumes can vary. For example, we might produce thousands of small bumpers for foot braces for the orthopedic industry, a part about a quarter inch in diameter with about a gram of material. Then we will manufacture another part that is 30 feet long and a foot wide and has 50 or 60 pounds of material in it. Novathane’s typical volumes run from handfuls to thousands of units.

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