May 16, 2024

Plastics Parts Manufacturer

The use of plastics has been improving product designs for well over a hundred years, providing new levels of lightness, durability, and manufacturability. However, significant differences remain among plastic parts manufacturers in terms of their cost, quality, and response time capabilities. 

When choosing a plastics parts manufacturer, it pays to look beyond the material itself (like polyurethane) and consider the company doing the work. 

That’s why companies increasingly choose Novathane as their preferred custom plastics parts manufacturer. We offer leading-edge knowledge in polyurethane and urethane plastics and have the expertise and operational track record to deliver solutions that can solve your most difficult product problems.

A trusted source of engineered polymer innovation   

Our engineers and technicians have an encyclopedic knowledge of custom-molded polymer innovations involving polyurethane and urethane plastics. If there’s a new way to solve your product challenges, we’ll know about it and deliver it. The advantages of working with Novathane include:  

  • Unmatched knowledge of polymer science. Our technologists can guide you in selecting the optimum polyurethane formulation for your project, drawing on over 30 years of experience in the industry. We help our customers by catching inconsistencies and challenges quickly and having the knowledge and experience to suggest alternative solutions as necessary. 
  • Operational excellence. Novathane delivers plastic parts that meet or exceed customer requirements from first to last. Whether you need a few parts or thousands of them, we can deliver them quickly and reliably.   
  • Quality. Novathane’s quality control capabilities ensure your parts order will be consistently precise with little unnecessary variability. Our quality control system is certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 standards, demonstrating our company-wide commitment to quality.  
  • Custom-molded products. We specialize in custom-molded polyurethane and urethane products that require more expertise and problem-solving ability than commodity, off-the-shelf parts need. As a result, we’re adept at thinking “outside the box” when it comes to fulfilling your order.  
  • Broad experience. We work for a wide variety of industries, from paper and steel mills to automotive manufacturers to entertainment and industrial concerns. The scope of our experience enables us to look beyond specific industry boundaries and identify solutions other sectors might have used effectively.    

Our most important skill: listening 

At Novathane, we listen to our customers and essentially partner with them to provide the best possible solution based on that part’s application, environment and lifetime expectations. We find that promoting strong communication and the open exchange of ideas and information can quickly establish the trust and confidence needed to achieve success. 

To learn more about why Novathane is the plastics parts manufacturer you need on your next polyurethane project, call (419) 887-3306 or contact us.